‪‎SARC‬’s ‪Al Tal‬ sub branch distributed relief materials for arrivals

SARC‬’s ‪‎relief team‬ in ‪Al Tal‬ sub branch finished March’s distributing cycle. They distributed: (7123 food parcels, 1142 hygiene kits & 974 peanut butter) to 7123 families in Al Tall city, Halbon, Talfita, Maarba, Al Draij & Ein Mneen. They also distributed: (12539 blankets, 2226 mats, 781 kitchen sets, 2993 mattresses, 730 clothes set) and other materials like children milk, children and adult diapers for 939 families. It is noteworthy that those materials are presented by the International Committee of Red Cross (‪‎ICRC‬), World food program (‪WFP‬), United Nations High Commissioners for Refugees (‪‎UNHCR‬), United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (‪UNICEF‬)… Read More »

Distributing relief materials in Ein Al Souda area

To serve all affected and arrived families in Ein Al Souda area, the volunteers of SARC’s Ein Al Souda point distributed relief Materials for 605 families. the distributed materials are: (1440 clothes boxes – 3600 peanut butter – 605 food baskets – 605 flour bags). These materials presented by ICRC and WFP. The distribution process started in December 2015, and continued to cover all the needs of families.

Distributing relief materials the families in AL Mleha area

The volunteers of SARC Rural Damascus Branch  distributed  relief items in AL Mleha area. They had assessed the needs of affected families before and then provided them with the needed materials  on Monday 25/1/2016. These materials were distributed for 262 families and included (262 food baskets-262 hygiene baskets-741 blankets-177 waterproofs-100 kitchen baskets-98 mats-44 baby diapers). The distribution process will  be done periodically for families who live in AL Mleha area.

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