SARC secure clean water in Rural Damascus

Due to the bad situation of water which supply “AL Motasawlen” shelter in AL Kiswah city, which shelters 120 families, water and sanitation  team in SARC Rural Damascus branch visited the shelter on Wednesday 10/2/2016, and assessed the needs of the families their. They also put plans to improve the services of water in the area. It is worth to mention that the water team in SARC Rural Damascus branch exerted its best efforts  to cover all the needs of the affected families,  provide clean water and improve the sewage situation.

A new generating set for the Main bakery in lattakia

Water and sanitation team of SARC Lattakia  branch delivered a new electricity  generator‬ with a capacity 300KVA for the first automatic bakery as the old one  went out of work . The first automatic bakery works 24 /6, with a production capacity of  more than 27 tons per day, and with beneficiaries of 100,000 ‪#‎person‬ a day. the generator set is provided by the International Committee of the International Committee of the Red Cross.

SARC Provided A 4000 KVA Converter

Water and Sanitation team of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Lattakia branch provided AL-Senn Water Station with a 4000 KVA electricity converter, which is supported by the ICRC ‪. The converter is expected to be operated within five days. It is noteworthy that Al-Senn Water Station, providing water to more than 80% of  the inhabitants in Lattakia.

Delivering an Engine after being Repaired to Sterilization Stations

Field intervention team along with water and sanitation team in Aleppo branch of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent passed frontlines to deliver a 400-KW-Siemens engine to Suleiman al-Halabi Sterilization Stations. The engine was repaired by the International Committee of Red Cross. This work came within the ICRC – SARC water and sanitation joint project. It is worth menitioning that SARC – Aleppo teams periodically secure safer access to Water Authority’s workers in and out Suleiman al-Halabi Stations in order keep them on their scheduled shifts. Teams also escort maintenance works in and out there in cases of urgent damages to secure   potable water all… Read More »

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