Water And Sanitation Team

SARC rehabilitated Al Boteha Shelter

Water and Sanitation team of  Syrian Arab Red Crescent in Quneitra Branch in cooperation with the International Committee of the Red Cross finished rehabilitation Al Boteha Shelter in Al Wafeeden Camp area in March 2016, where about 24 displaced families from different regions reside. The  team reconstructed one of the shelter rooms, which had been fully damage, installed showers, pipes, re-wiring sewage, electrical extensions, installed of poly Board panels. SARC Quneitra Branch aimed to alleviate the suffering of those affected people and to provide the basic means of subsistence in light of the current difficult circumstances.

SARC provided generators to Quneitra’s wells

Water and Sanitation team of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent- Quneitra branch delivered two generators on Thursday 14/1/2016 to Water Institution in Quneitra. The generators are provided by the International Committee of Red Cross with 80 K.V.A capacity. One generator will be installed in Al Mnswra and the other in Koom Mheras to serve the wells there where it mainly rely on generators in wells working. The team also provided the mentioned wells with submersible pump, pipelines and control panels to activate wells later.

Alternative energy works in Rural Damascus

The electricity shortage in Rural Damascus triggered  water and sanitation team in SARC Rural Damascus Branch to respond and resort to alternative energy. The team  installed 50 solar system heaters in the collective kitchens and shelters in (Hafeer Al Tahta, Mneen, Jaramana, Herjalle and Halboon) areas. This work will be applied also Al Drej area to reach 25000 beneficiaries.

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