SARC team Celebrate with children in Eid al-Fitr

On the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr, the psycho-social support team of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent- Lattakia branch organized a mission of various entertainment activities for children. The mission targeted more than 420 children on three days and in many schools in the governorate. The team played with the children and presented them with gifts at the end of each day. It is worth mentioning that the targeted children ages range between one year old to sixteen year old.

Three First Aid courses Adressed 72 trainers in july

Within its plan for the rehabilitation and training of volunteer staff on the principles of first aid, The Committee of First Aid in the Syrian Arab Red Crescent- Lattakia branch worked during June on training 72 volunteers on the principles of first aid through three Training courses, two of them in  (Jablah and AL-haffa sub branches) and a training course in the headquarters of the Organization branch in Lattakia. The training courses  concentrated on themes of the principles of first aid, Proper steps of first aid, a glimpse of the International Movement of Red Cross and the International Red Crescent,and how… Read More »

The Conclusion of “Principles Embodied in Scenes” Photography Exhibition 1687 Visitors in Three Days

In every December, especially on the 5th of it, the world celebrates the International Volunteer Day. This day is a symbol of gratitude for volunteers to thank them for their humanitarian efforts and also to increase public awareness of their participation in society. We are a component of the International Movement of Red Cross and Red Crescent, which is the biggest voluntary network in the world as it serves in 180 countries worldwide in national societies such as the Red Crescent. As the voluntary service is one of the fundamental principles we are guided by, such as neutrality, impartiality and… Read More »

the physical and psychosocial rehabilitation program

As a part of the physical and psychosocial rehabilitation program carried out by SARC’s prosthetics team in collaboration with the Psychosocial Support Counseling Centre of SARC- Aleppo Branch, the center is receiving the war-wounded and their relatives. The injured undergo physical rehabilitation training before prosthetic fitting (muscle strengthening, Balance, and body status improvement exercises) and after prosthetic fitting (weight bearing, balance, and gait training exercises; climbing up and down the stairs and other advanced exercises). They also participate with their relatives in the center’s various activities according to their age (drawing, coloring, and LEGOs for children in addition to various activities for adolescents… Read More »

Obaida Al Kassem a volunteer with Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Daraa branch

My name is Obaida Al Kassem, I volunteer with Daraa branch of Syrian Arab Red Crescent with the emergency team. I entered this field because I am in love with this kind of work ,and I know the value of this service which can save lives. In one of our missions was to move an injured person who had kidney failure. While we were in our way to Damascus his heart suddenly stopped  so I had to do a CPR for him on my own, because I was alone in the patient area inside the ambulance. Before I finished the… Read More »

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