A Play show for kids about health care

With wide smiles and songs , ‪‎children‬ entered to see a purposeful play about wash hands, true time and way to wash, how to protect yourself from ‪lice‬ disease. This play was organized by ‪Health Promotion‬ Team in ‪‎SARC‬’s ‪‎Rural Damascus Branch‬ in cooperation with ‪‎Psychosocial Support‬ teams and a team from ‪International Medical Corps‬ (IMC). The play had been launched from 22/2/2016 until 24/3/2016 in ‪‎Jaramana‬’s Wakef hall In the presence of fifth and sixth classes’ students from primary schools. The number of participants reached 4677 students, where the show was playing in alternating times between mornings and evenings.

‪‪awareness campaign about health care in Deir Al Hajar

Health promotion‬, ‪psychosocial support‬ and ‪‎Mobile Clinic‬ ‪‎teams‬ in ‪SARC‬’s ‪‎Rural Damascus‬ Branch visited Deir Al Hajar (garbage landfill) on an ‪‎awareness campaign‬ for ‪‎mothers‬ and kids about personal and public care and the illness caused by water pollution on Wednesday 30 March. The campaign lasted for 3 days, and included awareness sessions for mothers about the diseases which spread recently in this area like (Brucellosis, Typhoid fever, Women infections and lice), where the Mobile Clinic provided patients with necessary treatment. On the other hand, psychosocial support team organized many activities for kids by dividing them into groups to show puppet… Read More »

SARC distribute clothes in AL Kiswah and Qatana areas

Within his plan to distribute the necessary materials for the ‪‎affected families‬ and satisfy their needs, the ‪‎volunteers‬ in ‪‎SARC‬ Qatana Sub Branch distributed winter clothes for the families in this area during February. The number of distributed clothes reached in these areas: (2363 in ‎Qatana‬, 1385 in Artouz, 550 in Hinah, 425 in Sasa) presented by The United Nations Children’s Fund (‪UNICEF) On the other hand, SARC’s volunteers in AL Kiswah Sub Branch in cooperation with the local society finished distributing ‪‎clothe‬ baskets for arrivals ‪‎kids‬ on Saturday 5/3/2016. The teams distributed 2175 clothes baskets in Zakyah and 765… Read More »

Hygiene awareness campaign in Rural Damascus

Health Promotion‬ Team of the ‪‎Syrian Arab Red Crescent‬- ‪‎Rural Damascus Branch‬  works in accordance to a plan that cover the largest number of ‪‎Rural Damascus‬ areas. The last campaign included four towns from Qalamoun sectors (‪Yabroud‬, ‎Nabek‬, Sednaya‬, Qara). The last three month campaign ( Nov, 2015 to the end of January 2016) was organized by health promotion volunteers team contained  workshops for 6,361 child in 18 schools, as they visited each class separately for educate them about personal hygiene and the correct way to wash hands through targeted games (dolls theater – flour game – view images) The activity ended… Read More »

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