Humanitarian aid convoy to Bloudan in Rural Damascus

Syrian Arab Red Crescent Rural Damascus Branch in cooperation with International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and United Nations offices (UN) delivered 34 humanitarian relief aid trucks to Bloudan in Rural Damascus, in 28 March 2017. The convoy contained food parcels, flour, clothes for children and adult which match the needs of more than 25K Person. These items are donated by (WFP – ICRC – UNICEF – IOM)

A humanitarian aid convoy enters Khan Al Sheeh area

SARC Rural Damascus branch teams delivered a humanitarian aid convoy to Khan Al Sheeh area in cooperation with UN offices on 30 March 2017. The convoy (11 trucks) was loaded with relief items: food parcels, hygiene kits, nutrition items, wheelchairs and medicines that match needs of 8250 ppl in this area. It’s worth to mention that these materials are donated by UNRWA, WFP, UNFPA, IOM and UNICEF.

Distributing school bags in Jayrud and Harasta areas

On the occasion of returning to schools, SARC volunteers in  Jayrud Sub Branch and Harasta Sub Branch distributed school bags for the students during last September. The number of the school bags which were distributed in jayrud’s schools reached 2356 bags, where the number of school bags which were distributed in Harasta’s schools reached 1500 bas. These school bags are donated by UNICEF, and each contains (9 note books, drawing book, paintings, maths tools, and full stationery). It is worth to mention that Syrian Arab Red Crescent Always seek  to create educational opportunities for children and help them to develop… Read More »

A Play show for kids about health care

With wide smiles and songs , ‪‎children‬ entered to see a purposeful play about wash hands, true time and way to wash, how to protect yourself from ‪lice‬ disease. This play was organized by ‪Health Promotion‬ Team in ‪‎SARC‬’s ‪‎Rural Damascus Branch‬ in cooperation with ‪‎Psychosocial Support‬ teams and a team from ‪International Medical Corps‬ (IMC). The play had been launched from 22/2/2016 until 24/3/2016 in ‪‎Jaramana‬’s Wakef hall In the presence of fifth and sixth classes’ students from primary schools. The number of participants reached 4677 students, where the show was playing in alternating times between mornings and evenings.

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