Humanitarian Relief aid for 44 thousand people in Jairoud

On 21st May, 2017, SARC Rural Damascus branch delivered a humanitarian aid convoy (41 Trucks) loaded with relief items to Jairoud, Atna and Al Nasrya areas, for 44 thousand people in cooperation with ICRC and UN offices. The relief items, which are provided by ICRC, WFP, UNICEF, WHO, UNHCR,  contained 8850 food parcels, 8850 flour bags, 5450 kitchen parcels, 2500 hygiene kits, 8125 blankets, medical and nutrition items, safe birth kits, baby milk and clothes.

A delegation from ICRC in Al Dumayr and 35 cases from Mothalath Al Badia

Syrian Arab Red Crescent (‪SARC) delivered 33 ‪trucks to Al Dumayr area on 25/6/2016 loaded with: (12000 ‪Food Parcels, 5000 ‪Canned food, and medical materials) for the most vulnerable people, in the presence of the ‪‎International Committee of Red Crossa delegation. The response of SARC’s ‪Rural Damascus Branch is still ongoing in Mothalath Al Badia area, as the first aid teams and the ‪‎response teams headed with the mobile clinic to this area on Thursday 23/6/2016 to secure the needs of arrival families from AL Raqqa, Deir Al Zour, Palmyra & Aleppo countryside. SARC’s ‪‎volunteers provided the ‪‎beneficiaries with these materials:… Read More »

SARC responds to the east of Mothalath Al Badia arrivals

SARC’s Rural Damascus branch responded in cooperation with Al Dumair sub-branch to secure the needs of arrivals from Al Raqa, Deir Al Zoor, Palmyra and Rural Aleppo to Kherbet Al Batmiat in the east of Mothalath Al Badia on 20/6/2016. The number of arrivals reached 1500 person including 525 kids, who were provided with these materials: (500 canned foods, 500 kitchen parcels, 500 plastic linoleum, 200 water gallons, 2430 blankets, 500 bread bags, baby, women and older diapers). Knowing that these materials are donated by International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC), International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC)… Read More »

Training course for making food product in Al Nabik

Due to the difficulty in finding new jobs or starting new projects for some women, SARC’s Rural Damascus Community Center in Al Nabik organized training course for the ladies in the field of making food product. The course started on 24/5/2016 and will last till the end of June 2016. It included recipes of  making cheeses, dairy, different types of jams and dried fruits in the presence of 15 women from arrivals and host Community. Knowing that this course is the first of its kind in the field of community centers’ work in Rural Damascus.

‪‎SARC‬’s ‪Al Tal‬ sub branch distributed relief materials for arrivals

SARC‬’s ‪‎relief team‬ in ‪Al Tal‬ sub branch finished March’s distributing cycle. They distributed: (7123 food parcels, 1142 hygiene kits & 974 peanut butter) to 7123 families in Al Tall city, Halbon, Talfita, Maarba, Al Draij & Ein Mneen. They also distributed: (12539 blankets, 2226 mats, 781 kitchen sets, 2993 mattresses, 730 clothes set) and other materials like children milk, children and adult diapers for 939 families. It is noteworthy that those materials are presented by the International Committee of Red Cross (‪‎ICRC‬), World food program (‪WFP‬), United Nations High Commissioners for Refugees (‪‎UNHCR‬), United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (‪UNICEF‬)… Read More »

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