Syrian Arab Red Crescent

Distribution relief items for families in Zebdin

29 sons and grandchildren of Muhieddin live in one place in #Zebdin after they left their homes in Htetat Al Garash in Eastern Ghouta. “Although we are one family and feel safe together, but I hope we can return to our homes soon” said Nasser (the eldest son of Muhieddin) to the volunteers of #Syrian_Arab_Red_Crescent, while they were distributing relief items (mattresses, blankets, food and hygiene kits) provided by #ICRC, as well as plastic linoleum and fans from #UNHCR, water gallons and lanterns from #UNICEF). 250 families benefited from these items in Zebdin, and the team will continue distributing aid items to cover all the… Read More »

SARC-medical team in Al Mleha for the first time

Mariam (8 months) looks very happy after taking her medicine, while her five sisters play in the shelter, which has kept its courtyard open to all children after their return to Mleha in Eastern Ghouta. While SARC medical team examined more than 70 patients and provided medicines to them, in addition to raising awareness session for 40 women about healthy nutrition and common diseases, with a support from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). The team will visit this area periodically to provide the necessary services.

New sub branch in Al Mlaiha

SARC services reach as many areas as possible to help the most vulnerable people, so SARC Rural Damascus branch established a new sub-branch in Al Mlaihasub town last week. For this goal and in order to develop the work, the branch organized induction course for the community leaders in  Al Mlaiha and the local councils in Al Mlaiha, Zebdin, Deir Al-Asafir, Shab’a, and Hitayt al-Turkman. The trainers presented information about the establishment of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent movement, the Geneva conventions, the establishment of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent and its work.

First aid services during May

Burns, fractures, heart failure and bleedings may cause death in case of no access to proper first aid and treatment, and this is what Red Crescent volunteers committed to doing. During May 2018, SARC’s first aid teams treated 9800 patients in five centers (Jarmana, Kiswa, Ain Minin, Dumayer and Qatana) and transferred more than 2106 emergency cases to the hospitals. Notes, this work is supported by the International Committee of Red Cross, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent societies and the Danish Red Cross.

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