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A new generating set for the Main bakery in lattakia

Water and sanitation team of SARC Lattakia  branch delivered a new electricity  generator‬ with a capacity 300KVA for the first automatic bakery as the old one  went out of work . The first automatic bakery works 24 /6, with a production capacity of  more than 27 tons per day, and with beneficiaries of 100,000 ‪#‎person‬ a day. the generator set is provided by the International Committee of the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Operational Update Quneitra Branch- July 2015

Highlights: – Awareness campaign on preserving clean water sources for 200 family – SARC is performing an urgent sanitation project in Jweza shelter – 1835 Beneficiaries from Mobile Health clinic services – 94 emergency cases transferred during July Health: First Aid Services: SARC’s first aid teams transferred 94 cases in July included 10 cases to Damascus hospitals. Mobile health clinic: Mobile Health Clinic reached 1835 patients in residential and sheltering centers in Quneitra. Within an Awareness Campaign about preserving clean water sources; the clinic visited Khan Arnabeh area and checked families with inflammatory symptoms    and provided them with needed medicine Relief: SARC’s relief… Read More »

SARC’s Quneitra performing an urgent sanitation project in Jweza shelter

Syrian Arab Red Crescent Water and Sanitation team in Quneitra branch has started a sanitation project in Al Jweza shelter at Al Koom area. This project is implementing to serve more than 70 resident family in Jweza, supported by UNICEF. Drilling rot has become bad attraction to insects and rodents; it affected drinking water wells badly, and causes sewage water overflow in residential rooms. Project costs about 7 million S.P, and it is expect to be finished within 25 days from middle of July 2015.

An Emergency response to water pollution in Quneitra

Syrian Arab Red Crescent- Quneitra branch responded to many pathological cases resulted from water pollution in Khan Arnabe districts through July 2015. Mobile health clinic was keen to visit these areas. They checked all families and children who showed symptoms of inflammatory and provided more than 83 person with needed medicine. Water and Sanitation team arranged an awareness campaign about the needs to preserve clean water sources and follow up periodically sterilized. The team distributed about 1200 chlorine pills sterile (Aqua tabs). SARC’s Volunteers briefed people on basics about using chlorine pills where the campaign reached 200 family.    

Operational Update Quneitra Branch- June 2015

Highlights: 68605 beneficiary from relief  aid items. 1722 beneficiary from Mobile Health Clinic services emergency response to affected people in Jaba area. Health: First Aid Services: SARC’s Quneitra – branch first aid teams responded to 70 emergency cases, 47 of them were transferred to hospitals inside the governorate, while the rest were transferred to Damascus hospitals. Mobile Health Clinic: MHC  checked  1722 patients- half of them are children- and provided them with needed medicines. The mobile health clinic covered areas of Al Sendianeh, Khan Arnabeh, Al Baath City, Al Koom, Jaba, Al Otom, Dabya, Al Mshqaq, Al Saada residential and Nabe’ Alfawar… Read More »

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