SARC Water Sanitaion ICRC

SARC providing its services through Al Tall sub branch

The Sub Branch of ‪‎SARC‬’s Rural Damascus Branch in Al-Tall area works on secure the necessary needs for the arrivals families, where the ‪‎Water and Sanitation‬ team is rehabilitation the sewage system in “Al Mahabbah” shelter which included 98 families during  February. Also the ‪health promotion‬ team in SARC Al Tall Sub Branch  assessed the needs for ‪children‬ in 48 schools, and in cooperation with ‪‎relief‬ team distributed these materials (43 stationery baskets, 48 creative groups, 480 water gallon, 96 healthy baskets, 96 Kitchen baskets, 59 waterproofs), the distribution finished on Tuesday 9/2/2016

SARC provided generators to Quneitra’s wells

Water and Sanitation team of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent- Quneitra branch delivered two generators on Thursday 14/1/2016 to Water Institution in Quneitra. The generators are provided by the International Committee of Red Cross with 80 K.V.A capacity. One generator will be installed in Al Mnswra and the other in Koom Mheras to serve the wells there where it mainly rely on generators in wells working. The team also provided the mentioned wells with submersible pump, pipelines and control panels to activate wells later.

Operational Update Quneitra Branch- August 2015

Highlights: 62210 beneficiaries supported with relief services. 39 palmers joined an Advanced First Aid course. MHC provided free prescriptions to 1892 patients. 80 person had their shelters repaired in Jaba area via sanitation services. Psychosocial support session was carried out for 45 younger in Jweza shelter. Building Capacities: Syrian Arab Red Crescent’s Quneitra branch excuted a training course in advanced first aid on 20 – 27/8/2015. The course was held for 39 volunteers from the main center in Quneitra and its sub-branches in Hader and Al Boteha. The lectures contained varied subjects and practical training about correct behavior in emergency cases, dealing with respiratory… Read More »

Operational Update Quneitra Branch- September 2015

Highlights: First aid teams transferring 217 cases through the main center and Al Boteha sub-branch. SARC’s ambulance is partly damaged due to shoot-fire around. Distributing stationery items for 350 children on back to school day. Health: First Aid Services: Syrian Arab Red Crescent’s Quneitra ambulance was hit twice and one person injured on Al Salam Highway during September. SARC’s first aid teams transferred 161 cases, 14 to Damascus and the others within the governorate. First aid team in Al Boteha sub-branch responded to 56 cases. 27 cases were transferred to Damascus and Al Qotefa hospitals. First aid teams are disciplined on shifts in Abaza hospital according to an… Read More »

Installing new drinking water tank in Quneitra

In the framework of securing drinkable water all over the governorate,  water and sanitation team of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent’s  has installed 5000-Liters water tank on Sunday 25/10/2015 in Khan Arnabe area. The tank is provided by the International Committee of the Red Cross. More than 36000 person had access to  pure water monthly by virtue of SARC’s water services in Quneitra.

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