Raise Awarness campaign in Qatana

Hygiene promotion team of SARC’s Rural Damascus Branch finished on Wednesday 9/12/2015 an awareness campaign for mothers and girls in Qatana and Jdaidet Arrtoz areas. The three months campaign contained awareness mothers about personal care, the prevention of lice and communicable diseases in four shelters and some residential buildings. 750  gifts were distributed to women and girls who participated in the campaign. The gifts were provided by ADRA organization.

140 Volunteers prequalified to provide Psycho-social Support Services in Rural Damascus.

The psychosocial support Department of Rural Damascus’ SARC keeps the process of qualifying the volunteers in the fields of psychosocial support and psychological first aid. Five courses were done since the beginning of 2014. Recently, two courses were done in Alttal SARC’s sub-branch with the participation of 30 volunteers from the same sub-branch. It’s worthy to report that the trainers of Rural Damascus’ SARC branch are keeping the process of training and qualifying the volunteers from different sub-branches. 

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