SARC’s Quneitra Branch responds to Jaba’s displaced people

The Disaster management unit of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Quneitra Branch responded on Wednesday 17/6/2015 to the people who were forced out of their homes in Jaba and relocated in Khan Arnabeh and Al Koom areas. Displaced people’s needs were estimated in (Awad AlSaid, Al Naseej factory, western Al Koom) centers. On the same day, SARC’s Quneitra Branch distributed  more than 617 food parcels, 800 blankets, 200 children diapers and 500 mats.

Operational Update Quneitra Branch April 2015

Highlights: In cooperation with International Committee of  Red Cross Water and Sanitation team started equipping three shelters in Al Wafeeden Camp. First Aid Training course was held with  24 new volunteers brought together in Quneitra Branch. key figures: Mobil Health Unit provided 1650 patients with free prescriptions. 64000 people benefited  of the relief aid items in Quneitra . Health: First Aid Services: SARC’s First aid teams in Quneitra branch transferred 30 cases, 19 of them to the nearby hospital (Abaza hospital) and 11 cases to Damascus hospitals. First aid team in Al Wafeeden camp transferred 5 cases    to Al- Moassa and Al Qutifa hospitals… Read More »

Distributing clothes for children in Quneitra

Syrian Arab Red Crescent- Quneitra branch relief team, in cooperation with Psycho-social support team distributed clothes for children ( 1 – 15 years old.) The clothes which were provided by UNICEF, reached more than 2215 kids since 20th April, in:  Jweza, Mshakak, Al Atem, Al Koom, Al Saaeka, Khan Arnabe and Jeba. Head of Management Board of SARC’s Quneitra Branch considered this step foreword to decrease the suffering of displaced people in shelters and residential places and to cover their necessary needs.

Distributing Humanitarian Aids in Qunietra

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent Qunietra branch  support affected people with relief items in the governorate via its Relief teams . The items contained: ( food parcels, scrubs, blankets, health parcels, children clothes, Diapers for children, woman, old people), The items are supported by the International Committee of Red Cross,  World Food Program, United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees. The distribution processed for residents and people in shelters in (Khan Arnabeh, Al Koom, Al Baath City, Jiba, and Hader areas with beneficiaries of 39000 in March 2015. The evaluation team continues his field visits that reveal families’ needs, and they do their best  to help affected people and… Read More »

Al Ghota families resort to Al Wafedeen camp

Due to the current strained circumstances in Al-Ghota Al-Sharqeeh, about 87 families resorted to AlBooteha shelter in Al Wafeeden camp through March 2015. Syrian Arab Red Crescent teams in Al Boteha sub-branch responded to those families that reached to 485 persons. SARC teams distributed food and nonfood materials contained (scrubs, blankets, health materials, women’s towels, children’s towels, kits parcels). The team also drove up 10 persons to Al Wafedeen clinic to receive treatment there.    

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