SARC’s Quneitra Starting a new distribution plan

Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Quneitra branch started executing a new distribution plan for affected people. Relief teams began handing out relief materials in Khan Arnabe area, after estimating people needs there. The materials Contained (food parcels, hygiene parcels, scrubs, chargers, diapers for children and flour). More than 1150 family got benefit from this distribution through four days, in a plan to reach all needed people in the governorate to alleviate  sufferings and help them to overcome the bad situations.

Operational Update Quneitra Branch- July 2015

Highlights: – Awareness campaign on preserving clean water sources for 200 family – SARC is performing an urgent sanitation project in Jweza shelter – 1835 Beneficiaries from Mobile Health clinic services – 94 emergency cases transferred during July Health: First Aid Services: SARC’s first aid teams transferred 94 cases in July included 10 cases to Damascus hospitals. Mobile health clinic: Mobile Health Clinic reached 1835 patients in residential and sheltering centers in Quneitra. Within an Awareness Campaign about preserving clean water sources; the clinic visited Khan Arnabeh area and checked families with inflammatory symptoms    and provided them with needed medicine Relief: SARC’s relief… Read More »

SARC’s Quneitra Branch continues distributing relief materials

Syrian Arab Red Crescent’s Relief teams in Quneitra branch continues providing relief items to displaced families in Khan Arnabeh, Al Baath City, Al Koom and Jaba areas. SARC’s teams have distributed (5692 food parcels, 683 flour, and 9034 towels) since the beginning of August 2015. They also distributed 150 food parcels on Tuesday 18/8/2015 in Al Halas area, as an emergency respond to the people there.

Operational Update Quneitra Branch- June 2015

Highlights: 68605 beneficiary from relief  aid items. 1722 beneficiary from Mobile Health Clinic services emergency response to affected people in Jaba area. Health: First Aid Services: SARC’s Quneitra – branch first aid teams responded to 70 emergency cases, 47 of them were transferred to hospitals inside the governorate, while the rest were transferred to Damascus hospitals. Mobile Health Clinic: MHC  checked  1722 patients- half of them are children- and provided them with needed medicines. The mobile health clinic covered areas of Al Sendianeh, Khan Arnabeh, Al Baath City, Al Koom, Jaba, Al Otom, Dabya, Al Mshqaq, Al Saada residential and Nabe’ Alfawar… Read More »

Operational Update Quneitra Branch-May 2015

Highlights:  242 emergency cases had been transferred through the last five months 47471 beneficiaries from relief materials during May Building Capacities: Quneitra branch finished two training courses in Disaster Management principles. The first one took place at SARC’s Quneitra main center between 19-24 May, 2015, with 30 volunteers attending. The second one took place in Al Boteha sub-branch between 26-30 May, 2015, with 35 volunteers attending. The courses contained lectures on the disaster preparedness, Relief, Assessment, Registering, Sheltering, Search and Rescue, Evacuation and Safer Access. SARC’s Quneitra branch organize these courses to qualify volunteers who would like to work in the humanitarian field.  Health: First Aid… Read More »

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