Finishing Distribution period in Alwfdeen camp

Relief team of Syrian Arab Red Crescent –Alboteha sub brunch concluded a distribution process which began last September 2016. The team distributed food and non-food materials for 1670 families for Alwafdeen camp. The materials contained (food parcels, peanut butter, flour, can parcels, kitchen kit, hygiene kit, blankets, diapers, scraps and diapers for old).

Humanitarian response to the needs of more than 2,000 families

Distribution team in SARC Latakia branch responded to the people’s  needs of Latakia countryside.  During the two week response the teamdelivered and distributed food baskets for more than 2120 families living in the villages (Zama – Janata – Matwar – Harf Matwar- Bit Qahtan – Karm Ziadieh – Derotan -Harf Almsetrh- Ain Alhayat – Sfvkia). Also they distributed winter clothing to more than 3,850 children . In addition, the team distributed 700 food baskets for the areas (Borj Alqassab-Ras Shmra- Almakatea). It is noteworthy that the distributed materials  (food baskets and clothing) is provided by the World Food Program (WFP) and… Read More »

SARC enter Qaleat Jandal for the first time

Relief team of SARC’s Qatana Sub branch managed to distribute relief materials directly for the families in Qaleat Jandal area on Wednesday 4\5\2016. The number of beneficiaries reached to 4125 persons who live in this area, where the distribution materials varied between 825 food baskets, 825 flour bags, and 3372 peanut butter cans, presented by world food program (WFP). Notes that SARC’s Qatana Sub branch serve all affected families, present the necessary needs and basic materials for them.  

SARC‬ receives ‬ Eastern areas’ families in Al Dumayr‬ area

SARC‬’s ‪‎Al Dumayr‬ sub-branch receives displaced families‬ from Syria’s Eastern  areas  to ‪‎Industrial Adra‬ in average of 200 person daily. The relief team in Al Dumayr collective kitchen provides them with basic materials and daily meals. In purpose to check these families situation a delegation from ‪‎United Nations High Commissioners for Refugees‬ (‪‎UNHCR‬), ‪‎World Food Program‬ (‪‎WFP‬), ‪‎United Nations Children‬’s Fund (‎UNICEF‬) and a team from SARC ‪‎Rural Damascus Branch‬ visited Adra school shelter on Thursday 31/3/2016. The delegation focused on Al Dumayr ‪‎Relief team‬ work in responding to these family’s needs, where a doctor form the delegation checked many… Read More »

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