Psycho-social Support

Operational Update-Quneitra Branch- November 2015

Highlights: 48400 beneficiaries from relief materials. Transferring 146 medical cases. 1934 free prescriptions. Targeting 1954 child in Quneitra and Al Wafeeden Camp Schools. Health: First Aid Services: First Aid Teams in Syrian Arab Red Crescent transferred 146 cases in Quneitra, 16 between them to Damascus hospitals. Mobile Health Clinic: Mobile Health Clinic served 1934 patients and 694 child  during November in Khan Arnabeh, Al Baath City, Al Koom, Al Sndianah, Jaba, Ain Aesha, Ain AlThwra and Al Mashaa areas. Relief activities: Relief teams activities covered 48400 displaced person in Khan Arnabeh, Al Koom, Al Baath City, Al Snidanah, Ain Aesha, Jaba,… Read More »

Rehabilitating 226 volunteers in psychosocial support field

Psychosocial support program of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent Rural Damascus Branch is keen to help all segments  of the society and support them to overcome the pressures. This could be matched by rehabilitation the PSS volunteers within an organized annual work plan. 226 volunteers from the SARC’s Rural Damascus Branch completed Psychosocial support courses for 2015, the courses included all following Sub Branch: (Sahnaya – Ashrafit Sahnaya – Jaramana – Al kiswah – Al Al Dumayr- Al Qutaifiya) And they contained all these subjects: Crises and psychological support – psychological pressure and copping – child support –  loss and grief –… Read More »

Happy New Year

On the occasion of the New Year, SARC’s Rural Damascus consultation center organized an entertaining celebration for children in Jaramana area on Wednesday 30/12/2015. 185 kids between age 5 and 13 years old have participated in this event, where they watched a short film about the new year, danced and sang with the volunteers. The event was concluded with gifts distributing to the  kids and best wishes in the new year.

“With Smile We Start”

The Syrian Arab Red crescent psycho-social support team in Alboteha sub branch started a campaign under the motto ” With Smile We Start” which launched on the very beginning of  the school reopening 2015 in Al Wafeeden Camp schools. This campaign targeted 530 children and youngesters (6 to 18 years old) in Mosa Al Dahsh ,Mohamd Sobhe Shehade and Omar Khaled Taleb schools during november. The activities varied between(kinetics, educational and creative) and aimed to develop children’s talents and help them to adjust with new life style.

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