Psycho-social Support

Training Course in psycho-social support with 29 attending volunteers

Syrian Arab Red Crescent Quneitra branch concluded on Saturday, 30.07.2016 a training course in the principles of psychosocial support. The course lasted for four days between 27-30 / 7/2016 with 29 volunteers attending. Topics of lectures were about : initial psychological ambulance, contact support, peer support, crisis and psychological support, stress and adaptation, grief and loss as well as psychological support based on local community. The lectures also included training activities.

” I Love My Teeth” Activity Quneitra

Psycho-social support team of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent in Quneitra branch carried out an educational  activity about Dental hygiene on Wednesday 8/6/2016. The activity targeted 45 child between (4-12) years old in Abaza hospital shelter in Al Baath City. The team presented a tutorial video on teeth cleaning method and  harmful food to dental health. The activity ended up by distributing brush and tooth paste for participated children reminding  them to wash their teeth daily and wishing  them good teeth health and wonderful smile.

With Joy We continue

On the final day of school, Psychosocial support team of Syrian Arab Red Crescent in AlBoteha sub branch targeted  Alwafdeen camp shelters (boteha1, boteha2, mehaneeh) to provide psychosocial activities. Beneficiaries reached 357 children between (4-13) years during May2016. The activities varied among entertainment, kinetics, handy and creativity activities. The activities aimed to develop children’s skills and alleviate the suffering they face in everyday life.

Psychosocial support activities in Qatana

SARC’s Qatana psychosocial support team organized a new campaign for 650 kids and 300 youngest on Tuesday 7/4/2016 and lasted till the end of April. The campaign was full of direct activities for elementary school students contained (play show, Lego, bowling, relaxing songs). They also visited Michael Semaan School on 11/4/2016 to teach the kids how to recycle environmental waste, in addition to paint with water colors. On 16/4/2016 they concluded the activity by organizing a chess competition, where the final day was on 21/4/2016 that included a concert and a drawing exhibition with participation of all school’s students and concluded with… Read More »

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