Moblie Health Clinic

SARC’s activities in Sednaya sub_branch

SARC’s activities in Sednaya sub_branch Sednaya Sub Branch in SARC’s Rural Damascus Branch organized  various activities of hygiene, psychosocial support, and relief ones. Mobile health clinics visited Maronie town, managed to examine 50 patients and provided medicine. On the other hand, psychosocial support team organized a special event for children in Sednaya field, contained collective entertainment games for 213 kids, and distributed winter clothes for them. As the volunteers in Sednaya Sub Branch seek to help affected people, they distributed (2500 blankets, 1500 mattress, 1500 mats, 1000 water proof, 1000 peanut butter, 500 kitchen kit, 500 hygiene parcel, 383 food parcel  to… Read More »

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