Mobile Health Unit

An Emergency response to water pollution in Quneitra

Syrian Arab Red Crescent- Quneitra branch responded to many pathological cases resulted from water pollution in Khan Arnabe districts through July 2015. Mobile health clinic was keen to visit these areas. They checked all families and children who showed symptoms of inflammatory and provided more than 83 person with needed medicine. Water and Sanitation team arranged an awareness campaign about the needs to preserve clean water sources and follow up periodically sterilized. The team distributed about 1200 chlorine pills sterile (Aqua tabs). SARC’s Volunteers briefed people on basics about using chlorine pills where the campaign reached 200 family.    

Mobile Health Unit in Quneitra

Syrian Arab Red Crescent-  Quneitra Branch Mobile Health Unit  provides people with health services in different places in Syria, where the MHU team contains: a doctor, a nurse and two SARC’s volunteers. The clinic works on seeing patients and provide them medicines. MHU in Quneitra covers more than eight shelters and residential areas in (Khan Arnabe, Jeba, Al Koom, and AlBaath City), it reaches more than 1100 person  with free prescriptions on monthly basis.

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