Hygiene awareness campaign in Rural Damascus

Health Promotion‬ Team of the ‪‎Syrian Arab Red Crescent‬- ‪‎Rural Damascus Branch‬  works in accordance to a plan that cover the largest number of ‪‎Rural Damascus‬ areas. The last campaign included four towns from Qalamoun sectors (‪Yabroud‬, ‎Nabek‬, Sednaya‬, Qara). The last three month campaign ( Nov, 2015 to the end of January 2016) was organized by health promotion volunteers team contained  workshops for 6,361 child in 18 schools, as they visited each class separately for educate them about personal hygiene and the correct way to wash hands through targeted games (dolls theater – flour game – view images) The activity ended… Read More »

Awareness campaign on personal care in AL-Ghizlanya

Syrian Arab Red Crescent ‪‎hygiene promotion team in Rural Damascus branch exerted its best efforts to raise awareness for mothers on personal and public hygiene care and the best ways to prevent water pollution diseases. The team started a new awareness campaign in AL-Ghizlanya area in 17/8/2015 and finished it in 31/10/2015. 5496 mother  Participated in this campaign. The workshops covered subjects on the safe water- the safe food – the best time for washing hand – Waste disposal – Home treatment of diarrhea and how to give oral rehydration solution. The campaign was accompanied with  recreational activities in the field of hygiene promotion… Read More »

Raise Awarness campaign in Qatana

Hygiene promotion team of SARC’s Rural Damascus Branch finished on Wednesday 9/12/2015 an awareness campaign for mothers and girls in Qatana and Jdaidet Arrtoz areas. The three months campaign contained awareness mothers about personal care, the prevention of lice and communicable diseases in four shelters and some residential buildings. 750  gifts were distributed to women and girls who participated in the campaign. The gifts were provided by ADRA organization.

“Hygiene Promotion” Campaign is launched in Quneitra

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent Quneitra branch launched “Hygiene Promotion” campaign that aimed to target children and mothers. The campaign is to raise awareness on healthy habits and adopted precautions to avoid infectious diseases. The campaign contains field visits to schools and shelters in: (Khan Arnebah, Alkoom, Jeba, Al Baath City, Al Mshaqaq). The team noticed cases of (Hepatitis, Scabies, Lice) therefore they applied the suitable actions that prevent the spread  of these diseases. On the same time the team delivered an educational session to mothers on these diseases and how to protect their children from it. The teams  also carried out educational and entertaining activities with children… Read More »

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