Health Awareness Sessions in Elementary Schools in Swaida

Raising awareness of health promotion is an essential aspect of the work of the health team and the psycho-social support team at SARC – Swaida  Branch. Therefore, the team held health awareness and health education sessions on lice infection ( symptoms, means of transmission, treatment and prevention)  for parents in Kamel Srewi School in Ateel village and Fozi Mezher School in Swaida City. Volunteers distributed 235 shampoo bottles and brochures on how to maintain personal hygiene.      

Mobile Medical teams provide health care in Rural Damascus

SARC’s Rural Damascus Mobile Medical teams  visited Sasa, Deir Al Hajar and Hosh Arab to provide people there with health care on Wednesday 27/4/2016. The first team launched awareness session for  52 women in “Al Tajamo school” shelter in Sasa area. These session involved information about breastfeeding and protection from sun, they also distributed hygiene bags and organized an open day for 44 kids with handmade and motivational competitions. The second team organized an awareness session about breast cancer in Deir Al Hajar area, with 36 women attending, while the psychosocial volunteers organized collective games for children, and distributed 28 hygiene… Read More »

Medical awareness seminar in Hafeer Al Tahta

‪‎Mobile Medical teams‬ in ‪‎SARC‬’s ‪‎Rural Damascus Branch‬ continue their awareness seminars about Contagious diseases‬ and healthcare. They held an awareness seminar in ‎Hafeer Al Tahta‬ area on Monday 14/3/2016, they discussed the symptoms of many diseases and how to be protected. About 300 beneficiaries had participated in this seminar, and the team encouraged participants to focus on personal care and distributed 300 hygiene bags introduction from ‪‎United Nations Population Fund‬ (‪‎UNFPA).

Health care reaches new areas in Rural Damascus

Syrian Arab Red Crescent keens on supporting affected people  in all areas in Rural Damascus, so the Mobile medical‬ teams in SARC’s ‪‎Rural Damascus branch‬ headed to Saasa area in Qatana‬ on Monday 7/3/2016 in a campaign to support the ‪‎children‬ who live in Saasa shelter. They examined the patients who need health care and managed to provide health care for 81 people through raising the awareness about lice and scabies ‪diseases‬ and distributing lice shampoo, in addition to examine 34 patients and provide appropriate treatments. In the same context the mobile medical team had started their visits to shelters in ‪‎Al… Read More »

Distributing Hygiene Kits for people with Special needs in Quneitra

Health team of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent- Quneitra branch distributed hygiene kits for people special needs. The kits included diapers for olds and Hygiene parcels provided by UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and International Committee of Red Cross(ICRC). The team reached 40 beneficiaries during the last week of January 2016 in AlKoom, AlBaath City and Iuba areas.

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