Emergency Aid point in Al Wafedeen camp

During the recent severe situations in Al-Wafedeen Camp, SARC’s Al-Boutaiha sub branch responded urgently and managed to transfer the injured people to a temporarily established emergency point. SARC’s team provided the needed treatment and lifted serious cases to the nearby hospitals. Moreover, about 60 cases were transferred to Damascus and Qoutaifeh hospitals with grave difficulty. The Syrian Arab Red Crescent is an independent humanitarian organization, and its neutrality must be respectable all over Syria

SARC teams on alert to alleviate the threatening winter conditions in Syria

By Vivian Tou’meh, Syrian Arab Red Crescent Volunteers from the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) have been deployed following heavy snow storms which hit the country in recent weeks. Volunteers have been helping people to move out of unfinished buildings and providing heat, blankets and warm clothes. Dr. Abdul Rahman Attar, President of SARC said: “The snowstorm has shown once more that our staff and volunteers are ready and prepared to respond at all times. We thank all SARC those who were able to help people in the freezing weather.” In Damascus, volunteers responded to several cases related to ice… Read More »

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