Disaster Management

SARC Finished The Second Course on Disasters Management Principles This Year

On 5-9-2018, SARC Swaida Branch launched a 5-day  training course on disasters management principles. 23 volunteers from all SARC departments, participated in the course and learned the basics of disasters management and responding to them according to each stage of the disaster, in addition to the implemented producers during providing food, shelter and healthy living conditions to the affected people to alleviate their suffering. These topics were given according to the new curriculum of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). To be mentioned, this training course was supported by the British Red Cross.

SARC Conducted a Course on Disasters Management in Swaida

Disaster management unit at SARC Swaida Branch held a training course on the principals of disasters management, which included several topics such as (disaster concept and preparedness – urgent needs assessment – basics of psycho-social support – water and reconstruction – restoring family links – health in emergencies – emergency shelters establishing). The training carried out for five days, with the attendance of 22 volunteers from Shahba sub-branch, in order to enable them to respond to emergencies and to offer help to whom in need. To be mentioned, the training was supported by the British Red Cross.

‪‎SARC finishes two disaster management courses in Al Kiswah and Sahnaya areas

SARC‬’s ‪‎Rural Damascus Branch‬ launched practical training courses in order to raise the ‪volunteer’s capacities. last week the ‪Disaster‬ Management Unit organized two training courses in disaster principles in Al Kiswah and Sahnaya Sub-Branches . The first course took a place in ‪‎Al Kiswah‬ Sub-Branch on 11-12-18-19/3/2016 with 31 volunteers attending, where the second course in ‪Sahnaya‬ Sub-Branch was on18 to 21/3/2016 with 22 volunteers. The courses contained these subjects: (Red Cross and Red Crescent movement, ‪‎Syrian Arab Red Crescent‬, ‪sphere project‬, health, disasters, evaluation, sheltering, logistic, gender and diversity), in addition to practical training and workshops.

The first course of disaster preparedness in 2016

In a step of volunteers rehabilitation, ‪SARC‬’s ‪Rural Damascus‬ Branch organized a course in principles of preparedness and response to ‪‎disasters‬ in ‪‎Al Ghizlania‬ area. The two day course (25 to 27 January 2016) which contained 38 volunteers, is the first of its kind in 2016, where the trainers stressed the importance to prepare all ‪‎volunteers‬ to work in  field and help the most vulnerable groups.

Disaster management principles courses in Quneitra

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent Quneitra branch finished two training courses in Disaster Management principles. The first one took place at SARC’s Quneitra main center between 19-24 May 2015, with 30 volunteers attending. The second one took place  in Al Boteha sub-branch between 26-30 May 2015, with 35 volunteers attending. The course contained lectures on the disaster preparedness, Relief, Assessment, Registering, Sheltering, Search and Rescue, Evacuation and Safer Access. SARC’s Quneitra branch organize these courses to qualify volunteers who would like to work in the humanitarian field.

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