“Hazards: Definition and Types” Workshop is concluded

“Hazards: Definition and Types” Workshop for PSS Volunteers Counseling Center for Psychosocial Supports (Child Friendly Space) concluded the “Hazards: Definition and Types” workshop. The workshop, which is part of the SARC – UNICEF joint project, was targeted 63 volunteers of the mobile teams. It addressed types of hazards, hazards potential settings of  occurrence, as well as tips and advice on how to respond to each hazard type. Hazards Workshop was presented in an interactive way to help effectively deliver the given information. Two-hour interactive games were included to each group of volunteers.

Conclusion of Awareness Activity for Pregnant Women in CFS

Counseling Center for Psycho-social Support (‪‎Child Friendly Space), which is a part of‪ SARC – ‪‎UNICEF PSS joint project, concluded pregnant women-targeting awareness sessions. These sessions were held to 21 women and included tips and advices on taking care of themselves and of babies they are carrying as well as looking after newborns. The activity also included distributing special equipment for pregnant women supported by ‪‎ICRC and included baby bathtub, emergency deliverance kit, hygiene items, diapers, newborn’s clothing and clothes for pregnant women.

“You Are Important” Activity for CFS-friend Children

Volunteers of Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Aleppo branch Counseling Center for Psycho-social Support (Child Friendly Space) continue holding activities to the most vulnerable. “You Are Important” was one of those activities that targeted 22 CFS-friend children. This activity motivated children’s sense of gratefulness and prevented them from being ungrateful to people who had helped them.

Kinetic Games’ Workshop to Develop Volunteers’ Skills

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent  Counseling Center (Child Friendly Space) Psycho-social Support Project held a “Kinetic Games” workshop to 50 volunteers in the center. This workshop offered a set of games to be held for children by mobile teams’ volunteers. Such workshops fall within the Syrian Arab Red Crescent – United Nations Children’s Fund Psycho-social Support joint team and aims to train volunteers and develop their skills on dealing with children since children are  the main targeted group by Psycho-social Support joint project.

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