Syrian Arab Red Crescent held the General Assembly Meeting

The objective concentrates on upgrading coordination among SARC branches ….. and the humanitarian partners confirm their support

SARC held its general assembly meeting on Wednesday, December 20, 2017.

The meeting was attended by Mr. Imad Khamis, Syria prime minister, Mr. Francesco Rocca, President of the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Ms. Marianne Gasser, head of ICRC’s delegation in Syria and all board members of SARC-HQ and branches.

During the meeting, Mr. Khaled Hboubai, SARC president has a speech in which he said: “Despite all difficult circumstances surrounding our country, we do hold this meeting in order to upgrade work coordination among SARC branches”. He also expressed deep thanks to the Syrian prime minister for attending the meeting and to Mr. Rocca, who decided to visit Syria and SARC on his first mission as IFRC president.

Regarding SARC work, Mr. Hboubati pointed out that SARC responsibilities impose new mission and greater humanitarian duty every day, and that SARC will continue to carry out its humanitarian mission, building its teams’ capacities and work for all targeted people with impartiality and neutrality in order to be the ever-strong supporter for all Syrians especially the most vulnerable one.

In his turn, Mr. Rocca praised the efforts exerted by SARC volunteers. “My visit comes to appreciate the daily sacrifices given by the volunteers. The response to the crisis in Syria will be on the top of my priorities”.

In the same context, he noted that there are indications that the crisis is nearing its end, which makes the increase of the SARC’s activities a must in order to respond to all people needs in Syria, and that IFRC will continue to support SARC.

The meeting was concluded with the issuance of important reports (the administration report 2016, the audit report, the approved financial statements of 2016 and the appointment of Deloitte and Touch as an external audit for 2017.

It is worth mentioning that the meeting shed light on SARC’s services during 2017 through screened documentaries and a photo gallery.

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