Under the slogan “Separated by distances but brought together by the humanitarian work passion and objective.”

Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) shares his experiences with Yemen Red Crescent Society (YRCO)

For the implementation of the RCRC Movement principle of the Internationalism on one hand, and for the successful application of the Community-Based Health and First Aid (eCBHFA) program achieved by SARC on the other hand, it was approved for SARC to deliver its experiences in the MENA Zone.
The eCBHFA coordinator at SARC-HQ and accompanied trainers have conducted course aimed to rehabilitate facilitators for the same program in Sana’a in Yemen on 17-25/6/2019. 27 participant of the Yemen Red Crescent Society attended the course in order to launch the program in their country.
The Regional Office praised SARC for the excellence in training and for the efforts exerted to support the other national societies.

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