A sheltering Story

Photo: SARC | Sevim Turkmani Photo: SARC | Sevim Turkmani

Photo: SARC | Sevim Turkmani

Fatima, a mother of three, was forced out her home three years ago. A year and half has passed since she sheltered in one of the collective shelters in Aleppo. She depends on selling simple items to make a living as she has no breadwinner and her oldest child is only fifteen. Fatima was sheltering with her mother, children and her brother’s family, which consist of 5 individuals, in one room with plastic insulators. Sheltering team of SARC – Aleppo stepped up for them. The team assembled a room for her and her mother and children to provide more privacy and protect them from the coming cold winter.
SARC – Aleppo sheltering team responds to application submitted by the affected to provide them the security, privacy and protection for reach family.

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