More services are delivered to meet the needs of the people in Al- Hol camp

SARC teams in Hasakeh branch continue on their response to Al-Hol Camp, where they delivered a mobile clinic equipped with the needed medical supplies and medicines to provide medical services by  hands of specialized medical team.   The clinic started providing the medical services insid the Camp (Al-Tawasouaa points and the 7th section set up recently in the Camp). In addition, SARC first aid section delivered two ambulances staffed with qualified squad to provide first aid services on the first  points recieving the arriving people.
For the increasing number of arrivals, SARC is establishing 100 tent supported by the ICRC.
In the same time, SARC volunteers continue providing hot meals to more than 75.000 people there, and water bottles to the new arrivals in the collective tents.

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