SARC Teams are targeted in Harasta

Photo by:©SARC/Tareq Mnadili Photo by:©SARC/Tareq Mnadili

Photo by:©SARC/Tareq Mnadili

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) condemns the attack that targeted it’s humanitarian aid convoy, which was supposed to be delivered to Harasta area today.
Unfortunately, the convoy and its team were on their way when the bullets ran over them. One of the trucks’ drivers was severely injured and transported to the hospital. He is now under surgery.
This attack happened where #SARC and its #humanitarian partnerswork hand in hand to deliver 37 trucks loaded with relief aid.
SARC calls on all parties to protect the humanitarian workers, facilitate their mission and respect SARC emblem.

We are #NotATarget !


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