SARC is taking his place in Brussels III conference on supporting Syria

Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region Conference was kicked off in Brussels on March 12, 2019. The three-day conference brought together more than 1000 participants among them the humanitarian partners of the International Movement of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, the United Nations and the International Non-government Organization.
Eng. Khaled Erksoussi, Secretary General of SARC, attended the conference and gave a speech in which he unveiled his concern is about volunteers and workers protection especially that SARC has lost 65 staff and volunteers in the line of humanitarian duty, not to mention others who have been kidnapped and detained. “SARC is the largest grass roots Volunteers organization in Syria with more than 10000 volunteers on duty. Those volunteers are the backbone of SARC and without them, all the Relief items will stay in warehouses! For that their work, sacrifices and efforts need to be highlighted, their lives and wellbeing need to be protected” he said.
Mr. Erksoussi also raised the issue of the Rukban Camp in the south and AlHole Camp northeast which represent the greatest humanitarian crisis faced currently in Syria. He called all parties to design a vision for a serious solution and trust the humanitarians to do their job like they did in Eastern Ghouta response, where SARC responded to 95.000 people.
He concluded by saying “I thank you and hope that we find serious humanitarian solutions to the agony of the Syrians because I believe they had enough!”

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