SARC responded to a call from Eastern Rural-Swaida

In another humanitarian stop in southern Syria, 91 volunteers from SARC branches in Swaida and Rural Damascus responded to the needs of the people in the eastern countryside of Swaida Governorate. 7 First-aid squads  and a mobile clinic provided services of transfer to public hospitals and providing direct treatments to 85 injuries, while SARC’ team responsible to deal with corpses transferred 45 bodies.
In their turn, SARC distribution team supported people in need with relief items (mattresses, blankets and ready to eat food) provided by ICRC, UNHCR, NRC and GRC.
The Syrian Arab Red Crescent  extends its deepest condolences to the martyrs’ families and wishes a speedy recovery to the wounded. It also reiterates its full readiness to help affected people and alleviate the humanitarian suffering.


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