SARC provides relief and health services in shelter centers and humanitarian passages to the people fleeing Eastern Ghota

SARC continues its response to meet the needs of more than 54.268 people, who fled Eastern Ghouta through humanitarian passages for makeshift camps in (Ad-Dwair, Adra schools, Hirjeleh, Nashabeih and Maahad Al-Kahraba). SARC provided services consisted of:

– Distribution of 15.000 bread bags, ready to eat meals prepared in SARC-collective kitchens (4 kitchens), canned food parcels and nutrition items (peanuts butter and high energy biscuits).

– Distribution relief essentials such as mattresses, blankets, hygiene kits, baby diaper, sanitary napkin, solar chargeable lamps, gallons for water, kitchen kits and soaps).

– Distributing about …….. water bottles to the people at humanitarian passages and buses, which transport them to the sheltering centers.

– Support sheltering centers with mobile water tanks daily

– Building up housing units equipped with the necessary accommodation needs (doors and windows), and supported with electricity generators in the sheltering centers.

– Within 24 hours, a medical point was established in Ad-Dwair shelter. It has a space for 15 beds and contained three clinics (internal, gynecology, pediatrics) as well as a section for bandages.

– 10 mobile clinics and 6 mobile teams provide daily services (medical checkup, medicines, vaccines…) to the people in sheltering centers.

– About 20 ambulances rush every day to the humanitarian passages and sheltering centers in order to transfer the critical humanitarian cases to the hospitals.

4 psychosocial support teams along with specialists provide PSS first aid, child protection and raise awareness services for everyone.

SARC- legal specialists (Humanitarian support project) are ready to provide legal services.

–          More than 1000 works in shifts to respond for displaced people and meet their essential needs.

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