SARC- Homs hygiene promotion team’s intervention in the sheltering centers of Western countryside “Hasya”

SARC-Homs hygiene promotion team continues its activities in the sheltering centers of Western countryside “Hasya” in May.
(176 woman and 348 children) benefited from those activities that aimed to instruct the inhabitants of the “Rooms” sheltering center and Hasya camp. The activities started at the beginning of Summer to avoid the spreading of plagues by simple protective procedures in the targeted communities. The team enhance the local society’s ability of acting during the current circumstances and preventing any infection from spreading.
The intervention in SARC-Homs sheltering centers of Hasya continued for three  weeks. The team awareness activities, which targeted children and women, concentrate on issues of (safety waste disposal, purifying water in houses, contagious diseases such as lice and scabies and personal and public hygiene behaviors). At the end, there was a common social hygiene campaign.
It is worth mentioning that hygiene promotion team works according to the joint project between SARC-Homs and UNICEF.

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