SARC Hama still responds to the families displaced from Hama countryside.

Disaster Management Teams in SARC- Hama branch responded to the families displaced from the northern and north-western countryside of Hama (Maardes, Majdal, Qumhanih, Mhardah, khattab, Al-Sheeha, Al-Sheer and marzaf). SARC Hama had prepared a temporary shelter centers for these families, and organized all needed distributions process of various relief aid items like: food parcels, canned food, blankets, kitchen sets, hygiene kits, mattresses, blankets and solar power lights. Moreover, water and sanitation team had set up some water units in shelter centers in order to provide drinking water. On its turn, First-aid squads treated several humanitarian cases and transferred them from the northern countryside to the National Hospital, while mobile medical clinic had checked up the patients and prescribed the proper medicines and treatment and the nutrition team had checked the children and distributed the peanut butter. It is worth to mention that the distributed materials are provided by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent societies, ICRC, and UNHCR.


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