Mothers suffer displacement and family fragmentation

Um Hasan Um Hasan

Um Hasan

By Afaf Mirzo

As the crisis in Syria entered its fifth year, the scenes of pain and suffering continues to show up as before. However, The Syrian women become had to suffer the most due to the ongoing miserable circumstances that tied her with heavy burdens, but couldn’t hinder her from playing her basic role as a mother.   “Um Hasan” is 38 years old. She is a Syrian mother who experienced much of cruelty and pain within the crisis. “I was living with my husband and our four sons in a village in Idleb area. Hasan ,my elder son, 17 years old, didn’t  have the chance to see his newborn brother because he lost his life  was going to his school one day when a gunshot hit him and  led to his death,  the next day my husband has gone to his work and never come  back again since that day. Due to the intensified strained circumstances, I had to left the village when I was Pregnant in the ninth month with my sons and some relatives and neighbors with the help of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent volunteers where they evacuated us to the city center, then we moved to Alhajar Al Asoad area near Damascus city where we stayed at some relative there. I was in a dire need to my husband in that rough time and. I wanted my child to grow up with a father.” The calamity of Um Hasan had not stopped there where she had to leave the area again because of endless clashes and there. She moved with her family to Al Quneitra governorate which was relatively quiet. “We became the guests at Jeba shelter where we didn’t have any of life supplies except some stuffs that the Syrian Arab Red Crescent had provided it to us which was some food, clothes and blankets. I stayed with my family in one of the class at a school along with Asmaa who had lost all her family, she lived with us to be six people in a small room with nothing but SARC’s parcels “.That was how Um Hasan narrating her story and expressing her suffers through Syrian crisis’s years. Asmaa had lost all her family members, she has neither a mother’s lap to hold nor a father to protect not to mention a home to go to but this school which became her permanent home as she was describing: ” teachers used to say that the school is our second home and now it became true. I lost everything, and had nothing but a sad memory of the death of her family on the same day of her fourteenth birthday”.That was the only words which Asmaa could say the memory of her family death which will always be in her mind whenever her birthday comes she will shed her tears year after year and the boy will always look after his father day after day . Um Hasan story is one of hundreds sad stories that happened daily to Syrian woman. No words or lines could describe these disastrous situations.

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