Qais regain his right in playing

With an innocent childish features and warm smile that broke the winter cold, Qais Express his joy with his portion of winter clothes, Which Syrian Arab Red Crescent volunteers surprised him with it in the distribution Center in Izraa city. “i wasnt able to play with my friends, because my old shoes didnt fit my feet, and the cold prevented me from leaving the House,” a few words describes the suffering of an eight years old boy When he was watching his friends playing, his family Financial situation do not always allow him to get what he want from clothes, gifts and games.But he is ready to regain his right to play after receiving (Rubber boots, Cotton socks, winter underwear set), he Is one of thousands of children who the syrian arab red crescent currently working to respond to their needs and their families requirements in al-lajah area in Daraa,  To make them ready to receive a warmer winter, Where the number of children who received their portion of winter clothes 4000 children so far and the distribution still ongoing.

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