Project Officer – Counselor – Virtual Parenting and Psychosocial Support

Syrian Arab Red Crescent Society (SARC)

SARC is a leading humanitarian organization in Syria, working in emergency health and first aid, primary health care, humanitarian assistance/relief, water and sanitation, and protection.

Vacancy Opening Date: 25/10/2020

Vacancy Closing Date: 31/10/2020

Interested candidates should send their updated CV’s in English and must be Word file or PDF file only, otherwise will be rejected.

To E-mail,

SubjectProject Officer / Counselor – Virtual Parenting and Psychosocial Support”.

Any resume without subject will be automatically rejected.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

Location:        SARC HQ in Damascus Abu Remmaneh.


TOR for Project Officer / Counselor – Virtual Parenting and Psychosocial Support


Duration (6 months) with possible extension.

Part – Time.

Geographic location Syria Arab Republic
Responsible office and Programme areas. Syrian Arabic Red Crescent HQ

Community Services Unit.

Reporting to Community Services Unit Manager


Background and justifications.


The main advantages of psychosocial/parenting in a technology driven world is the access to a wealth of information that’s now made available online; and the videos aim to capitalize on the influence of online content to promote the adoption of positive practices. The videos that have been created aim to offer a glimpse into modern day parenting struggles and aim to educate the viewer on understanding children’s behavior while also empowering parents with knowledge, promoting empathy and providing strategies that can be easily utilized to better manage these various parenting challenges. It also aims to introduce psychosocial interventions that promote the wellbeing of caregivers so they can provide children with a sense of safety, stability and normalcy, helping to restore or maintain the developmental process.  In supporting parents to become more responsive and peaceful in their child rearing, children’s protection and emotional needs are better served and their optimal development is ensured.


Programme aim:

UNICEF and SARC are working together closely to promote wellbeing of children and families and overcome the negative impact of crisis and de-normalize the use of physical punishment to discipline children by parents and caregivers through raising awareness of the negative health impacts of such practices and providing training and information on alternative methods.


Specific objectives:

The psychosocial and parenting programmes shall aims to restore, strengthen and mobilize families and communities to support children and family’s wellbeing by providing messages and information on:

  • Reducing and preventing both physical and emotional harm to children.
  • Strengthening people’s resilience to recover from adversity.
  • Improving the care conditions that enable children and families to survive and thrive.
  • Decrease the rates of harmful child rearing practices (violent discipline) and adopting positive discipline and coping mechanism.
  • Support parents in facing daily parenting challenges through enhancing their skills of nurturing children;
  • Foster close relationships and bound between parents and children.
  • Enable re-establishment of daily routine for children and families to provide conducive environment for children hence coping positively and building resilience.


Activities and Deliverables.

The deliverables are to be implemented and reported upon on monthly basis for the duration of the assignment i.e. 7 months.


No Activities
1 Recruitment of the Project Office / Counselor and preparation for project implementation (PO will be directly recruited by SARC)
2 Lead the process for the development for virtual PSS and parenting programme materials and undertake reviews and updates of materials as required (including video clips). Develop a detail work plan with daily and weekely virtual activities including thematic topics for discussion. Obtain the technical approval by Manager of community service Unit in SARC.
3 Using established SARC platform provide engagement with parents and children across Syria to participate in the programme & Conducts general awareness raising to the general public, especially parents, with skills, alternative discipline and practices to strengthen their resilience to recover from adversity and improve the care conditions that enable children and families to survive and thrive.


  Using a Messenger Bot that will help us make the inbox, more engaging, responsive, and well organized, by automatically offering information about the service to the sender, leading to watch earlier episode.
7 Develop feedback mechanism, and an online assessment tool to measure the impact of the virtual programme to determine its merit and take corrective measure accordingly.
8 Document implementation, lesson learnt & report monthly Statistic & Narrative to supervisor. And prepare biannual report and end of year write detailed report of the programme.


Qualifications and Requirements.

  1. Education: Advanced university degree in Social Since: (psychology, counselling).
  2. Work Experience: Minimum 4 years of professional work experience with government ministries or national / international actors with significant levels of engagements in MHPSS work with special empathizes on focused and non-focused Community Services including parenting in Syrian context, knowledge of national legal frameworks and knowledge of international standards on child rights.
  3. Background familiarity with Community Services and positive parenting programming
  4. Language Proficiency: Fluent in both Arabic & English.
  5. Excellent interpersonal skills and Communicates effectively to varied audiences, especially with children and during formal public speaking.
  6. Excellent writing and presentation skills of works/ideas.
  7. Good ability to work effectively in a multi-sectoral environment with various line ministries and partners.
  8. Sets high standards for quality of work and consistently achieves desired deliverables timely.
  9. Demonstrated ability to engage effectively with, particularly children, development actors and government officials as necessary.


PS: Syrian Arab Red Crescent Does Not Provide Any Transportations For Employees.



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