Physical Rehabilitation Focal Point

Job Title: Focal point for Physical Rehabilitation Programme


Place of employment: SARC HQ in Damascus

DIRECT SUPERIOR: Medical Director

Applications open from: 11/04/2017

Closing date: 20/5/2017

Your CV should be sent to to the email address with the subject used ( Focal point for Physical Rehabilitation Programme by 20/5/2017. Shortlisting may be done before the application deadline.


Minimum required knowledge & experience:

  •  Health related experience, preferable within physical rehabilitation
  • Strong expertise and experience in project management
  • Leadership, planning and management skills
  • Strong interpersonal, negation and communication skills
  • Cultural sensitivity, flexibility and ability to work in a context of war
  • Able to work in multi-disciplinarily and sense of responsibility
  • Computer skills (Microsoft Office)
  • Good knowledge of spoken/written English
  • Capacity to work independently and in a team

Standard function description:

 Act as the focal point between SARC and ICRC in matters related to the physical rehabilitation programme (PRP) in Syria


  • The SARC Physical Rehabilitation Focal Point, in collaboration with ICRC PRP team will supervise and monitor Physical Rehabilitation activities in the centres supported by ICRC.



  • Co-ordinate the cooperation between SARC and ICRC in matters linked to PRP
  • Analyse the situation and needs for PRP
  • Establish a registration system for disabled people in Syria Organize updated statistics for disabled people (In need of prostheses or orthoses)
  • Establish a collaboration with other PRP-actors and set up a registration system to avoid duplication
  • Establish a plan of action for the SARC PRC in Damascus (In collaboration with ICRC)
  • Monitor and supervise the cooperation between SARC and ICRC in PRP related matters in Aleppo (and future orthopaedic SARC/ICRC centres (PRC) in Syria)
  • Collect and analyse the monthly statistics for store and patients at the SARC PRC in Damascus (and future orthopaedic SARC/ICRC centres (PRC) in Syria)
  • Establish links between the PRP and hospitals/clinics in Syria
  • Support  communication activities related to dissemination of the service in Syria
  • Establish a focal point within SARC HQ for distribution of wheelchairs and walking aids  in Damascus, for those in need and not associated with the SARC PRC
  • Organize regular co-ordination meetings between the SARC PRC director and ICRC PRP  counterpart


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