Operational Update – SARC Homs branch – April 2015

Operational Update- SARC Homs branch – April  2015


  • SARC-Homs branch hospital provides free  dialysis sessions to beneficiaries .
  •  Arrastan Bakery resumes work after stopping.
  • SARC-Homs hygiene promotion team intervene in AlQaretain to put an end to Lashmania disease spreading and treat more than 1000 cases.
  •  joint activities of health awareness and hygiene promotion  are launched on the schools’  final day.


Facts & Numbers:

  • 69 trucks of relief aid accessed hot spots areas in April. The relief aid is supported by  SARC-Homs branch and the UN offices in Syria.
  • 95 volunteers evaluated by the Disaster Management Committee.
  • 1253 children benefited from the child protection project in SARC-Homs Akrama point in April.
  •  Psycho-social team activates popular traditions and original social traditions. 2450 people participate in Alhalawa’s Thursday of Homs.
  • Relief teams of SARC Alzahra Point responded immediately to 56 families whose houses were affected during the explosion in the surroundings of Alzahra.
  • 69 aid convoys accessed hotspots areas in April. The aid is supported by the Higher Relief Committee and the UN offices in Syria.
  • SARC- Homs branch supervises 136 temporary sheltering center with inhabitants of more than 26000 displaced people in Homs.


 Relief Operations:

  • In April 2015, SARC Homs relief team provided Tel Amerie, Akrad Addassniy, Kafr Nan and Arrastan areas with relief aid convoy (food and no food items).
  • On April 21st, the third and last phase of the 69-truck convoy reached those areas. This operation came within the relief program run by the Higher Relief Committee according to an agreement between the UN organizations and the Syrian government.
  • SARC-Homs Arrastan sub branch  reactivated one of Arrastan bakeries that had stopped for a while.
  • In April, more than 744 .000 people benefited from the relief services in Homs and its countryside according to the records of the registration and distribution. Relief teams continue registering and restoring data of the beneficiaries and affected families during their daily missions to the countryside that exceeded 48 areas in April, in addition to registering 738 benefited families in the Disaster Management Center.
  • The relief teams registered and restored data of 911 families in April in Homs and its countryside.

First Aid Operations:

SARC- Homs branch the first aid  squads responded to the notifications in April. They transported 1034 cases; 37% gynecological cases, 59% men, 4% dead bodies, and 56 cases from the outside of Homs to be treated in Homs hospitals.

SARC-Homs first aid committee qualified and trained 30 volunteers on advanced first aid.

Health Relief and Primary Health Care:


SARC Homs clinics continue receiving patients for trivial prices.

SARC health beneficiaries exceeded 12628 patients in April as follows:

5975 patients in SARC Homs clinics, main center (AlGhouta), (4282 patients in the medical clinics and 1693 patients in the night dispensary).

2763 patients in the  dispensary of Palmyra sub-branch.

1417 patients in the dispensary of Al-Zahra point.

782 patients in the dispensary of Akrama Point.

750 patients in the medical point of Alwadi sub-branch.

941 patients in the clinics of Alwaer point.

Health Mobile Units:

Health care team continued its regular visits to reach more areas in Homs countryside and to help children and women who suffer cold weather problems, and found out some hepatitis cases.

The health mobile units visited 17 areas in Homs and treated 4171 cases.

ICRC gynecological clinic treated 570 cases.

ICRC pediatric clinic treated 1439 cases.

ICRC internal clinic treated 2162 cases.


Health Survey:

Health survey team registered medicine needs and carried out health survey for the patients in the far countryside and in the sheltering centers.

The team visited 46 areas and distributed chronic medicines to 3897 beneficiaries.

However, the team couldn’t distribute medicine to 636 beneficiaries due to the increase in the registered beneficiaries and the lack of medicine.

Mobile Health Teams:

In cooperation with UNFPA, Health awareness team continues its work of the reproductive health to deliver its services through five mobile teams in the country and the countryside as well as the work of the staff of the clinics in Hasya  and AlFurqlus.

Health educational services are to concentrate on raising awareness about  risks that school students are exposed to and other subjects of reproductive health.

2252 people benefited from the health services in April, while the total number of health educational service beneficiaries exceeded 10363 people.

Sheltering Team:

The sheltering team supervises 136 sheltering centers with inhabitants of more than 26000 people in Homs according to the last statistics of April. The families, in the temporary sheltering centers, benefited from food and no food items as well as the distribution of baby diapers and elderly diapers.

Supported by ICRC, the team provides 8 huge collective kitchens in Homs by 404 cooking gas bottle  .

Water and Sanitation Team:

Supported by ICRC, the team continues the project of rehabilitating the temporary sheltering centers.

In April, the team worked to provide water through the emergency plan according to the project of building cement bases, putting a metal fence around the reservoirs and working to provide water from the well directly.

The team also supervises providing the recently opened sheltering centers in Baba Amr with the sanitation service.

The team continued on the drinking water projects in Homs and checked the amount of water provided to 46047 beneficiaries daily. The team also provided the people in Homs old city with drinking water, filled in the reservoirs by water trucks.

In coordination with the Water Institution, the team continued collecting necessary information to put a comprehensive emergency plan. The team also visited many water pumping stations, regularly, in the countryside in order to maintain them.

Supported by ICRC, the team rehabilitated and restored a part of sewage pipelines in Arrastan and fixed ‏ Mounbateh well in AlHeel valley of Palmyra countryside.

Hygiene Promotion Team:

Regarding Hygiene promotion, the team activities concentrate on issues of personal hygiene behaviors, hand washing, water purification and storing, lack of hygiene and contagion diseases and how to avoid them, the problems which the beneficiary faces and how to solve them.

“Together for a better school environment”, jointly with the Health Directorate of Homs, hygiene promotion team in SARC Homs branch carried out  that campaign in April.
It targeted 588 primary school in Eastern Alhusainiya area.

The campaign dealt with the public  hygiene according to the age group, primarily with the lice contagion and how to avoid it, the teeth care and with the problems of these issues. It also dealt with the importance of the protection and with improving the immunity starting with washing hands properly and then how to use the shampoo and comb to get rid of the lice through performing summer activities, educational lectures and plays and an educational meeting for the parents.

The team also accomplished a joint project, ended by an open educational day, with the health awareness team in Alhilaliya school.

11714 beneficiaries benefited from the hygiene promotion project, held in cooperation with UNICEF.

Psycho-social Support Team:

1582 beneficiaries benefited from the psycho- social support services in April.

57546 children benefited from the Child Friendly Spaces joint project with UNICEF. This project is for serving children through the centers and the mobile teams that held recreational and educational entertainments.

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