Operational Update Quneitra Branch- September 2015

Quneitra, Syria, September 2015. transferring emergency cases. photo: Afaf Mirzo Quneitra, Syria, September 2015. transferring emergency cases. photo: Afaf Mirzo

Quneitra, Syria, September 2015. transferring emergency cases. photo: Afaf Mirzo


First aid teams transferring 217 cases through the main center and Al Boteha sub-branch.

SARC’s ambulance is partly damaged due to shoot-fire around.

Distributing stationery items for 350 children on back to school day.


First Aid Services:

Syrian Arab Red Crescent’s Quneitra ambulance was hit twice and one person injured on Al Salam Highway during September.

SARC’s first aid teams transferred 161 cases, 14 to Damascus and the others within the governorate.

First aid team in Al Boteha sub-branch responded to 56 cases. 27 cases were transferred to Damascus and Al Qotefa hospitals.

First aid teams are disciplined on shifts in Abaza hospital according to an organized program with aim to  practice on (intramuscular and intravenous injections, opening a vein, installing serums, bandages, caring and transporting cases, dealing with Ambulances and all sections in the hospital).

Mobile Health Clinic:

The Mobile Health Clinic worked daily in Khan Arneabeh, Al Baath City, Al Koom, Al Sndianah, Jaba and Mshakak areas.

More than 1910 patients benefitted from MHC’s free prescriptions.


Relief teams distributed 8496 food parcels, 3321 hygiene parcels, 5842 flour bags, 18200 candles.

Distribution took place in Khan Arnabeh, Al Baath City, Al Koom, Jaba and Al Wafeeden Camp areas.

The number of Beneficiaries reached to 47578 person during September.

Psycho-social Support:

The team worked in Jaba, Jweza and Mshakak areas with 304 child.

There activities varied among grouped games, drawing, dancing with children, stories telling .

Distributing stationery for 350 children in the beginning on the beginning of School.

Psychosocial support team in Al Boteha sub-branch did support activities to 107 Child (4 to 12 years old) in Al Wafeeden shelters.

The team tried to alleviate child sufferance and helped them to improve their skills.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion (WASH):

Water and Sanitation team visited Hadar village with a WatHap delegate from International Committee of Red Cross to check water wells preparedness there.

The team installed a generator introduction from ICRC in Al Koom well to provide more people with drinking water.

Continue distributing drinking water weekly in Dabya, Sindyane and AlMnsora areas.

They visited Jweza and Khan Arnabeh Shelters to estimate water and sanitations needs there.

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