Operational Update – Hama Branch November 2014

Operational Update – Hama Branch November 2014 Operational Update – Hama Branch November 2014

Operational Update – Hama Branch November 2014

Throughout November 2014 the SARC’s Hama Branch delivered various activities and services. However

that most important ones were installing water clarifying station in Salameih Hospital and evaluating water and sanitation needs in Ain Al-Kroum village.


The Registration team registered full data for 1187 affected and displaced people, while the assessment team continued evaluating the needs of the sheltering centers and houses of affected and displaced people, in Nov.2014 the team evaluate 570 family.

In Nov.2014, the distribution team distributed 69215 food parcel with beneficiaries of 304642 people, 7122 parcels of food conserved cans and 4218 flour bag that benefitted 12968 people. Regarding the relief items, the team distributed blankets, mattresses, hygiene kits, chargers, candles and baby diapers to 173041 people.


Hama SARC’s Branch secured health care and first aid services. The first aid team responded to 33 cases, while the dispensary provided medical consultations for 1026 people. On the other hand, the Mobile Health Units visited 18 sheltering centers to deliver free primary health care services and medicaments to 745 people. The mobile teams were active between Hama and Salameih in in-doors field visits that covered 2299 child. The malnutrition limitation clinics received 570 women, 2683 child of which 1285 suffer of malnutrition.


Hama SARC’s water and sanitation team managed to maintain and clean some of OXFAM tanks in the city, as well as they carry out maintenance and rehabilitation to Al-Itarat hotel sheltering center. They also held a meeting with the Directorate of Education that involved discussions on delivering drinkable water to schools by SARC’s tanks.

Psycho-social Support

The Mobile Psycho-social Support provided the needed services for affected people that total to 2018 mostly children.

Facts& Numbers
Beneficiaries (500000).
Distribution points 14 Reg families  206211
Distribution area 134

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