Operational Update – Hama Branch February 2015

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Hama branch carried out various activities and services on February 2015. However, the most prominant services were entering the city of Kirnaz and providing water supply to operate the waterwheel of Maardes area.


The Registration team registered full data for 454 affected and displaced people, while the assessment team processed  needs’ evaluations of 450  affected and displaced families both in sheltering centers and houses.

The distribution team transported 57707 food parcels with beneficiaries of 247234 persons, 6617 parcels of food-conserved cans that benefited 34462 and 13783 flour bag that benefited 52176 persons. Regarding the relief items, the team distributed blankets, mattresses, hygiene kits, chargers, candles and baby diapers to 112936 persons.



SARC- Hama branch, provided health care and first aid services. The first aid team responded to 21 cases in February. The beneficiaries of the services provided by the dispensary were 919 in total. The mobile health team provided primary health care and free medication to 1739 persons in 11 temporary sheltering centers.

The Community Management of Acute Malnutrition, CMAM,  teams paid field visits to houses and examined 1942 children. Moreover, CMAM mobile clinic received 485 pregnant and breast feeding women, and 1326 children. 724 children suffer from cases of acute malnutrition.


Water Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion (WASH)

Teams of WASH provided water supply in order to adequately operate the waterwheel of Maardes which procures flour for a large part of the area. The teams also maintained and cleaned OXFAM tanks in the cities of Hama and Salamiyeh. In addition, teams continued the campaign titled “my hygiene, my health ” in four schools in order to raise the awareness in hygiene-related diseases hazards.


Psycho-social Support

The Mobile Psycho-social Support provided the needed services for 273 affected and displaced people, mostly children, in sheltering centers.

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