operational update Al Quneitra Branch- March 2015

Khan Arnabe, Quneitra, Syria, March 2015. “Hygiene Promotion” Campaign is launched in Quneitra , photo: Afaf Mirzo Khan Arnabe, Quneitra, Syria, March 2015. “Hygiene Promotion” Campaign is launched in Quneitra , photo: Afaf Mirzo

Khan Arnabe, Quneitra, Syria, March 2015. “Hygiene Promotion” Campaign is launched in Quneitra , photo: Afaf Mirzo


Hygiene promotion campaign started in Al Quneitra area covering 12 shelters and more than 20 schools.

Water and Sanitation team supplied  water provisions to more than 32000 person.


-First Aid Services:

SARC’s First aid teams in Quneitra branch responded  to 37 cases within the governorate and transferred 5 cases to Damascus hospitals.

First aid team in Al Wafeeden camp responded to many cases in the emergency aid point, and transferred them to Al Moassa and Al Qutifa hospitals in Damascus.

-Mobile health unit:

The mobile health unit provided 1400 free prescription to patients in areas of Al Baath city, Khan Arnabah, Al Koom, Al Sndianah, Jiba, Ain Aiesha, Ain Al Norea, Al Mshaa.

The mobile health unit accompanied the hygiene promotion campaign in their field visits in the governorate and distributed medical items for Lice and Scabies.

In addition, SARC’s volunteers in Al Boteha sub-branch provided more than 15 patients with free medicines.


The Syrian Arab Red Crescent tried find out the needs of affected people in almost all the areas in the governorate, shelters and residents places in (Khan Arneabah, Al Koom, Jiba, Al Baath City, Jibatha, Hader) and the team distributed relief materials in Al Fadel point  in cooperation with SARC’s  Rural Damascus branch.

Also SARC’s relief teams carried out humanitarian response the displaced people in Al Wafeeden camp through Al Boteha sub-branch.

More than 6820 food parcels and 5134 hygiene kit were distributed during March.

Disaster management team in Al Boteha sub-branch and  in cooperation with the concerned authorities brought 87 family, about 485 people from Eastern Ghota, where volunteers insured people in shelters and provided them with relief items.

Psycho-social Support:

The activities of the Psycho-social Support team focused during March on Jiba area, where the number of the benefit children  reached 342 child, the activities varied between (Psychological games, grouped playing, free and direct drawing, focus playing, creative activities)

The team also participated in hygiene promotion campaign, where they presented activities to teach children proper hygiene habits and methods of washing hands across hand coloring activity.

On 30 March, the team organized an open day in kindergarten at Khan Arnabeh area, contained handmade works by mothers in Khan Arnabe shelter, some photos for the team with children and mothers. more than 250 boys and girls participated where entertainment grouped plays were organized and the team distributed gifts to the participated.

Also the Psycho-social Support team in Al Boteha sub-branch organized many activities in Al Wafedeen shelters( Al Boteha shelters 1, Al Boteha  shelter 2, vocational shelter) for about 130 children, where the team is trying to provide assistance to these children and to help them overcome the difficult circumstances they had experienced and coping with their current situation.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion (WASH):

Hygiene promotion campaign started on  March 5-19 with beneficiaries  of 1200 person where the team distributed health materials in shelters and schools in( Khan Arneabah, Al Koom, Jiba, Al Baath City).

SARC’s Water and Sanitation team Quneitra branch continued with cooperation with Water Institution on supplying water to shelters and residents in all over the governorate where they provided more than 32000 person with water during this month at Khan Arneabah, Jiba, Al Koom.

A joint delegation from the Syrian Arab Red Crescent and the International Committee of Red Cross with Water and Sanitation team visited Quneitra, where they  monitored and estimated the capacity of the water pumps and wells which should cover all residents and displaced people in the governorate.

communication team:

Syrian Arab Red Crescent Communication team continued his activities in publishing  the principles of International Red Cross and Red Crescent and the basic principles of International Humanitarian Law where the team launched a workshop at the main center on 8 March, with 35 volunteers attending.

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