Mothers trying to find safe place for their children

By Laila Tawakkol
Khadeja, 36 years old, fled out with her husband and four children to al-Mallaha area in the eastern countryside of Homs. She  she settled down in wretched mud-made  room with no roof or windows . She had to live in this room since it is better than the empty warehouse that her neighbor has took as a shelter during the displacement trip.

Khadeja’s family found this place suitable for them because it is located near  a distribution point supervised by the Syrian Arab Red Crescent where volunteers are working as a hive and distribute relief items including hygiene kits, food parcels, blankets and mattresses.

“when we fled, we took a small pickup but it broke down so we had to walk during horrible dark night”, “we arrived to an area where we could have assistance from SARC ‘ staff, who would satisfy our basic needs as soon as we register our names. Hence we had been sure that we chose the right destination,”Khadeja said.

SARC-Homs  disaster teams visit the families in the area regularly in order to complete registration and distribution process. In addition,  SARC- Homs  mobile clinics’ doctors provide  medical care for children and women where they provide primary health care for children and women as well as medical tests and medications.

However Um Mustafa and her children Hamza and Mustafa fled also to al-Mallaha area. Her eyes reflect her tired feelings and the hard days that she lived. She said,” I found just the knitting of some wool gaining trifling price in order to support my kids since 100 hundred Syrian pounds is not enough to buy food for a day. I wove the remained wool for my kids.

I used to hold a wonderful life, but now I am tramping around with unknown future. Today, after a year and a half of having relief services by SARC such as food and health items. I found myself with unknown heroes who work hard silently during the worst circumstances. At first,I thought that SARC just provide aid services, I did know that they are providing everything. I did not know that my children will wait for their visit.



Khadeja5443 – 5444

Um Moustafa 5422

Health survey 5367

All photos are in AlMallaha area- the registering team with the local society.


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