Mothers Carrying out Humanitarian Duty: Volunteer Ramia AlNabsha

By Sana Tarabishi
Ramia AlNabsha
was one of the first to volunteer at youth committee in SARC – Aleppo. “With the onset of the current crisis I suffered a lot with the absence of my husband for two years simultaneously with the depletion of basic life essentials during the war. I was lonely and carrying our child. However, my Red Crescent family stood by me and had the greatest role in helping me overcome the crisis. Two years later, there came a relief when my husband came back. We both unfortunately got used to sounds of war. Then I gave birth to my precious daughter Naya, our god’s greatest gift. The persistence of conflicts in Aleppo generated a great fear. I got worried about the future of my family, specially my daughter. Nevertheless, when seeing tragedies and their aftermaths that struck my people, I get more empowered to tirelessly help and support needy persons. My humanitarian services didn’t affect running my household errands as my beloved husband was and always will be the greatest supporter to me while doing my humanitarian duties toward my daughter and the people of my city”.



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