Mothers Carrying out Humanitarian Duty: Volunteer Lina Samra

By Sana Tarabishi
Lina Abou Samra
, the volunteer, wife and mother, says: “The passed four years of crisis were extremely tough to me as it was to every Syrian.. Long work hours.. Difficulties in providing essential needs.. Lack of services in the city.. but above all, insecurity and the constant fear of the unknown. The one and only thing that made this crisis a beautiful memory was meeting my husband, Ayham, getting married to him and building a family that overcame all the obstacles.

Despite how hard it is to live in times of crises, I was able to successfully carry out my work and my household duties. Since my husband and I work in humanitarian field, we both understand each other’s work environment and liketo work with him . Ayham helps me even at home. This is what makes us partners in love, marriage, daily life activities and humanity.”

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