Mothers Carrying out Humanitarian Duty: Ms. Sumaya AlHamdosh

By Sana Tarabishi
Ms. Sumaya AlHamdosh
, Head of Nursing Department in the Syrian Arab Red Crescent Pediatric Hospital in Aleppo. She started working in the hospital in 1995 and was one of the first to volunteer at SARC – Aleppo in 1998.

Since the beginning crisis in Syria 2011, she bore the burden of medical logistics in SARC – Aleppo. She was distinguished with courage and devotion in serving the injured, patients, disabled, and wounded.

Sumaya played a leading role in ensuring work continuity of SARC Pediatric Hospital during the exceptional circumstances the country undergoes.

Now and after four years of the onset of the Syrian conflict, Sumaya is still insisting to help the affected people everywhere. “We have witnessed the four most difficult years here in Aleppo. They changed everything about us including our daily life style. However and despite the difficulty of those years, they raised our patience and tolerance and made us understand more people’s sufferings and the related problems that we did and still do our best to end,” said Sumaya.

Sumaya’s commitment to serving humanity as a volunteer and the head of nursing department did not prevent her from fulfilling her family duty, as she is a loyal wife and a mother to three. She and her family cooperate and coordinate to do household chores so she can keep serving both humanity and her family. “My husband works in the same field, that’s why he so understands,” Sumaya added.

Sumaya was not the only mother that could successfully combine her duties in humanity and family. There are many female volunteers who did so.


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