A mother from Qunaitera represents the rooted relation between the mother and the land

Those who is acquainted with Om Mouhammad, knew very well how much she is related to the land. She described the agony of losing her husband and two sons saying: “roses of the garden wilted mourning their absence”. Even that some people went even further in confirming the solid strong relation between Om Mouhammad and the land by saying that she resembles the always generous olive tree, that even when the wind would bend its branches, it will remain deeply rooted and standing proudly.
SARC’s project for home gardens in Qunaitera provided seeds and tools for beneficiaries. It was an opportunity for Om Mouhammad to invest her experience in farming and achieve abundance in production. She started growing winter vegetables to reach self-satisfaction for herself and her sons who she still embraces to nurture humanity and good upbringing in them the same way the land grows plenty of harvests with care and attention.

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