Mobile health clinic provides health care services for children in Al-Qaboun

It is not an ice cream truck for the kids in a summer day, but a mobile medical clinic in Al Qaboon where people wait for on pins and needles as they don’t have any public health centers.

Ragheb (6 years), was born during the Syrian crisis although, it did not fade his eyes brightness and innocence, as he walks around the clinic joyfully despite the pain and express his feelings: “I have a sore throat”.

As hundreds of children and their families today in Rural Damascus, Ragheb relies on mobile clinics to receive free primary health care services, so five mobile clinics start their journey every morning in Rural Damascus districts to reach all patients and support them with medicine.

Each one of these clinics contains a psychosocial support volunteer and a medical team. We can see Tasneem (psychosocial support) puts some colorful drawings on the kids’ faces and presents them with gifts while dozens of others lined up in a queue waiting for medical checkup the doctor.

Those clinics daily provide health care for more than 350 patients, in addition to nutritional supplements that treat and prevent malnutrition.

Sometimes health conditions get worse on Ragheb and his friends and they might fall sick, but still they keep hope and run with great confidence around the mobile clinic as if it is an ice cream truck.



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