Love power helped her to overcome severe illness

Um Khaled (96 y), who left her home in Deir Ezzour and came to live in Jaramana (Rural Damascus) two years ago, smiled once she mentioned the Syrian Arab Red Crescent support, particularly the medical services provided to her at the physiotherapy center by volunteers and specialists.

Her sober facial contours reflect strong determination to go forward in life and recover from the stroke, which left her on a wheelchair with a motionless hand and leg.

“I was unable to move or even wave my hand to greet my loved people. Nevertheless, through the three-month medical process, I have got 30 physiotherapy sessions and psychological support and regained my ability to walk” she said.

The old woman lives with her big family at one house, where SARC paid a visit and provided food and non-food relief aid once they arrived. They also informed her to visit the SARC medical center in Jaramana and get her medicines free.

She is the source of love for her children and 50 grandchildren, who gather every day around Iftar Ramadan table and share food dishes prepared under her supervision.

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