Livelihoods Field Officer

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent(SARC) is an independent humanitarian organization of public utility, it is permanent and continuous, and it has a legal entity and enjoys financial and administrative independence.

Syrian Arab Red Crescent was founded in 1942 according to the decrees No/540/ 1942 and No/117/ 1966 regulating the Organization’s work.
Syrian Arab Red Crescent has been recognized by the International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva (ICRC) in 1946, SARC is committed to Geneva Conventions and the seven basic principles of the International Movement of Red Cross and Red Crescent. 

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent is seeking to recruit

Position Title: Livelihoods Field Officer

Objective: To ensure the effective and efficient project planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. The Livelihoods Field Officer will manage the project as per directions of Red Cross Movement approach for project designing, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. He will follow the approved project proposal document and coordinate the work at a community grass root level.

Reporting to:

  • The Livelihoods Field Officer reports to the Livelihoods Officer
  • The Livelihoods Field Officer will be tasked by Livelihoods Officer and by the Movement Livelihoods Delegate as required



  1. Support beneficiary’s identification and selection processes together with SARC Branch Livelihoods Teams.
  2. Active participation to field assessments (logistic organization, identification of needs, monitoring)
  3. Assist in the registration of Syrian families at SARC branch level, working closely with SARC Branch Livelihoods Teams to ensure data is collected and is recorded within the livelihoods programming to be implemented
  4. Make field arrangements for planned visits to project locations
  5. Assist Livelihoods Officer in the preparation of all documents and forms necessary for the implementation of the livelihoods project;
  6. Assist SARC Branch Livelihoods Teams in coordinating activities with local authorities, international community members, other implementing actors and partners at the local level.
  7. Regularly monitor project activities and provide timely inputs and feedback to the Livelihoods Officer
  8. Organize and support running of livelihoods activities in the branches.
  9. Follow up with SARC Branch Livelihoods Teams the complains from the beneficiaries and communities and keep a record of them
  10. Assist in the facilitation of trainings for SARC staff and volunteers and beneficiaries when needed
  11. Assist to set up a clear beneficiary follow-up mechanisms and ensures that appropriate follow-ups are made to support beneficiary.
  12. Assist to compile and submit regular project updates
  13. Provide Arabic-English translation/interpretation support to the Movement Livelihoods Delegate, and other administrative, organisational and bureaucratic support as required.
  14. Any other duties as may be assigned by the line manager

Required skills and working experience

  • Experience working on similar humanitarian programmes
  • Knowledge of the branch and governorate
  • Ability to speak and write well in English and Arabic
  • An understanding of monitoring and reporting
  • Experience communicating with beneficiaries
  • Good level of computer skills including email and internet use
  • Experience in training people
  • An understanding of basic administration, finance and logistics
  • Provide translation and interpretation services as requested
  • Knowledge of the RCRC Movement
  • Willing to travel to SARC Branches as required

Personal qualities

  • Integrity and honesty in dealing with confidential information
  • Able to work independently and execute tasks in a reliable and competent manner
  • Must be able to execute tasks in a responsible, reliable and sincere manner

Interested candidates are requested to send their motivation letter and CV in English to the following address:


Closing date:24/07/2016

Address: Shakib Arslan Street, Abu Rummaneh, Damascus- Syria.    

Post Title:Livelihoods Field Officer

Incomplete file or Application in other language than English will be rejected.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

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